Sep 2017
MSP IT Support Helpdesk Business Growth Infinite Scale Outsourced NOC is not enough to keep your MSP customers happy

A modern IT service provider or MSP usually offers NOC (network operations centre) services as part of a contract with their customers.  Experienced MSPs know that addressing network and server alerts before their customers are impacted is a valuable offering and can prevent a disaster occurring.

Some MSPs handle this by having an on call engineer and others have a night shift team or explored using a 24×7 NOC provider. But is NOC enough?
Often NOC is just a small part of delivering a reliable customer experience whereas today’s fast paced IT environment requires both technical agility and strong customer service.

24×7 NOC services have a tendency to be a blunt instrument and are often referred to as ‘ticket farms’ lacking the customer service, broad IT knowledge and the “TLC” that you and your customers expect.

On the other hand, Private Label I.T like the services offered by Benchmark 365 not only handle NOC but also accelerate helpdesk performance by rapidly addressing any and all customer incidents and measuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Private Label I.T is designed in such a way that we act as an extension to your MSP helpdesk, answering calls and tickets in your company name, providing qualified and dedicated team members that are familiar with your customer environments and analysing customer behaviour in order to help you sell more services and provide a seamless customer experience.

We know what makes customers happy and MSPs profitable because we have 15 years experience running a high growth MSP.

Recognising that NOC is just a small piece of the service puzzle is a positive step toward growth and profitability.  Benchmark 365 partners report significant revenue growth, more time for sales and better customer experiences since engaging with us.

We all agree, NOC is important but a total Private Label I.T service could help your MSP reach new heights in performance and profitability.

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