Mar 2019
MSP Blog Business Growth Infinite Scale Outsourcing How Outsourcing Adds $25K To Your Monthly Bottom Line

MSP owners want to add to their bottom lines as quickly as possible. While MSPs today are facing many challenges, higher labor costs are one of the most acute.

With our platform, MSPs are cutting labor costs and netting more revenue every month. In fact, on average, our partners are adding $25,000 a month to their bottom lines. We believe these returns can be attributed to the way we at Benchmark 365 provide the support MSPs need to thrive.

The good news is this: The rising cost of labor is an obstacle many Benchmark 365 partners are overcoming. MSP profitability is our number one mission at Benchmark 365 — and from what we can tell, our partners are benefitting from our continued dedication to helping their businesses grow.

IT help desk costs are rising

In any industry, the biggest cost of doing business is often labor. For MSPs incur labor expenses is the IT help desk. Trying to efficiently manage help desk tickets can be costly to MSPs.

Tickets come in whenever there are issues. There isn’t a set schedule for when tickets are sent to your help desk. When there’s a problem, you’re notified of it immediately. It doesn’t matter whether you’re down a few employees, so what do you do to ensure your clients aren’t left waiting?

If you generate enough revenue, you hire more help desk resources, right? Wrong. While recruiting additional help desk technicians allows you to accommodate increased ticket demand, it also adds to your increasing labor costs — negatively impacting your bottom line.

Of course, understanding where your labor costs are coming from is the first step to decreasing them. Being able to calculate your labor costs when managing client workloads can reveal a lot to MSPs.

Are your IT help desk technicians accounting for everything?

Everything help desk technicians do when managing customer tickets should be recorded. The bad news is what we’ve found is many employees don’t see the value of time entry.

Think about the time spent on taking calls, following up on issues and performing work after hours. If your technicians fail to record time spent on client workloads, you won’t be able to bill customers correctly or determine whether your agreements are profitable.

With the wrong team in place, you could be missing out on a lot of revenue — and that’s where Benchmark 365 comes in.

How Benchmark 365 can add to your bottom line, too

Instead of paying for unused labor, our partners reduce their labor costs by using only the support from us they need.

We provide MSPs with an offshore team of highly qualified helpdesk technicians, systems and senior systems engineers, and dispatchers. No matter the time of day, the Benchmark 365 platform is available for our partners when they need us the most.

With Benchmark 365, you no longer need to keep track of how long it takes to close a ticket; we do it for you. This ensures you’re collecting the right amount of revenue from each client. Then, we provide you with the insights and tools needed to bill clients quickly and effectively.

Our platform offers real-time stats and reporting, so you can know exactly what level of effort is going into your clients. You as an owner know the value of each client and can work hand-in-hand with our team to keep every client in your entire portfolio profitable.

With labor costs continuing to rise, leveraging an outsourcing platform such as Benchmark 365 can help MSPs cut costs and add revenue to bottom lines.