Aug 2017
MSP Helpdesk Business Growth Infinite Scale Coders + MSP = A Profitable Match

Savvy MSP owners are seeing the opportunity to expand their offering grow new revenue streams to include web development, website management and coding services.

Customer habits are changing and the traditional MSP model is under threat due to a decreasing dependence for hardware and server support. While customers spend less on internal IT they have turned their attention and IT spend to web based applications, mobile apps and cloud software.

So why is providing coding and web application support now such an integral part of running a successful MSP?

Web developers and software companies are often praised for the products they’ve developed but are frequently found to provide inadequate support later on. In many cases the original developers are nowhere to be found after creating a site or web application that your customer is wholly dependent on.

Rather than ignoring the frustrations your customer is going through, letting them know you have skills in coding and web development and a support team to back you up makes your MSP part of the conversation and supporting areas of your customer’s business that were once out of your control.

In addition to supporting your customers web and app platforms it’s quite common these days for customers to look to their IT provider for advice in developing a site or creating an app to help them become more efficient or grow their company.

Being able to help takes you out of the server room and into the boardroom where an expert MSP belongs.

At Benchmark 365 we’ve helped our MSP partners identify and deliver new revenue streams by offering a team of coders on demand alongside our helpdesk, customer service personnel and engineers giving you the resources you need to grow your MSP and stay ahead of the competition.

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