Apr 2019
Blog Infinite Scale Benchmark 365 works for you – with your tools

We make partnering with us as easy possible. A question we often get is whether or not Benchmark 365 works with the tools you’ve come to know and trust. Well the good news is – Benchmark 365 is tool and vendor agnostic.

We have specialists working with and training our team on all of the modern tools and platforms in the MSP space. We love being part of an IT community that drives innovation and change and want to make sure our Partner can always use and leverage the best technology and tools for their businesses.


Supported by our world class collaboration tool – SmartDesk – every ticket and every action is documented and available with real time insights, business intelligence and time tracking through our portal.  

If you’re using ConnectWise Manage you can integrate tickets from SmartDesk right into your PSA. If you’re using another PSA we work with you to customise the flow of information so that your customers always receive prompt and professional service.


We also work with every RMM tool available in the marketplace today.  From Kaseya to Ninja, Datta, ConnectWise Automate, Solarwinds and more.  Our team are proficient at handling alerts and utilizing the tools that you are most comfortable with.


Whether you’re using IT Glue, PassPortal, SI Portal or your own Wiki, we know what it takes to get your documentation up to speed so that your customers always experience expert support and advice. Its always a work in progress but experience tells us the more you have your documentation up to date the happier your customers are.

Onboarding and Customer Success

 At Benchmark we are deeply committed to customer success.  When you become a Benchmark 365 Partner our customer success team will work with you to align your processes and tools with ours over a carefully managed 15 day professional engagement. During onboarding we’ll analyse your stack, work through your documentation and train your dedicated team of specialists to handle support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Getting this process right is one of many reasons Benchmark 365 is the fastest growing, most economical and dare we say most friendly helpdesk organization in the world. We work with thousands of tickets each and every week – so we know what it takes to get it right.

Don’t let tools get in the way of being a profitable, scaled up MSP.  Talk to Benchmark 365 – we’d love to hear from you!