Jan 2019
MSP IT Support IT Services Blog Business Growth Benchmark 365 integrates with Connectwise

As a global service provider offering outsourced helpdesk, 24×7 resourcing and peer community groups, Benchmark 365 is a market leader in helping Managed Service Providers grow profitably.

A key part of this is making sure we can integrate with and leverage the most widely used systems and tools that help MSPs run their business.

Benchmark 365 is excited to announce a new integration with the leading PSA solution ‘Connectwise Manage’.  By augmenting a Benchmark 365 Partner’s ConnectWise Manage platform with Benchmark our internal systems users benefit from more effective and efficient billing.

James Vickery, CEO of Benchmark 365 says “our Partners are focused on one thing – growing their companies profitably”.  Our role is to ensure every action we take results in revenue and profitability for MSPs.  This new integration is one of many steps we’ve taken to make our Partners the most profitable, scalable managed service providers in the industry”.

2018 was a banner year for Benchmark 365 in which handled tens of thousands of support calls & incidents for a growing base of IT businesses worldwide. We met with over 600 MSPs and have grown our team by almost 30 additional staff.  To help our Partners deliver for their customers we moved to full 24×7 operations (every country every time zone served) and launched our SmartDesk app.

To help MSPs grow we also launched Benchmark Peers – our invitation only, hard hitting sales, marketing and owner mindset group. Our CEO also published his first book for MSPs – Infinite Scale – on how to scale up and grow profitably. We work to deliver great education and learning opportunities for MSP – so feel free to check out our blog and podcast.

We continue to work on delivering amazing outsourced helpdesk services and 24×7 resourcing to our Partners – as well as bringing you more education and opportunities to connect with your peers to help you grow and improve your sales and marketing.

You can learn more about Benchmark 365 here or contact us today.