Sep 2017
MSP IT Support Helpdesk Business Growth Become a vCIO, outsource your helpdesk and grow your MSP’s Revenue

MSP’s are experiencing a fundamental shift in the way we do business. Customer buying habits are quickly shifting from buying hardware and servers to cloud and SaaS applications.

So how does an MSP grow revenue in a shifting market? One thing hasn’t changed, customers need advice and expert direction on their technology decisions.  Although cloud and SaaS can appear simple to customers on the surface, companies are soon faced with a myriad of decisions and need help to get from A to B in their technology journey.

MSP’s are in a unique position to offer expert advice to customers on transitioning from old to new technology and save them cost while streamlining their business.

One great option for MSP’s is to move out of the server room and into the boardroom. In effect, becoming a virtual CIO.  There’s some great material on Denes Purnhauser’s Reframe Your Clients website – Denes is a huge advocate for becoming a vCIO and has a great program for MSPs wanting to unlock new revenue opportunities.

  • Here’s a few examples of some of the services a vCIO can provide and in the process open up new revenue opportunities for MSP’s.
  • Providing a strategic IT roadmap to clients
  • Project managing and delivery of IT from on premise to cloud
  • Project management and implementation of new SaaS based applications
  • Developing and implementing cyber crime prevention services
  • Monitoring customer spend on SaaS products and providing clients with real time insights into IT spend helping them save costs

Adding a vCIO capability to your company is a great value add for you and your customer – you become more involved in all of your customer’s technology decisions and your customer gets a trusted advisor who knows their business intimately. It’s a win/win.

Shifting to a vCIO model and becoming a strategic partner in your client’s business means you will have less time for the distraction of support tickets that devour all your time.

That’s where services like Benchmark 365 come in. We provide Private Label MSP services which allow MSPs (and their strategic vCIO’s) to get on with growing the company while we take care of the support and customer service.

The MSP model is constantly changing but customers will always need advice, knowledge and support from you and your team.  Becoming a vCIO and having a partner to help reduce your costs and workload gives you the time and flexibility needed to grow new revenue streams.

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