3 keys to growing your MSP Sales exponentially

We talk to thousands of MSPs and they all want to know - how does Benchmark 365 help grow MSP sales?

We know MSP’s face numerous challenges. There is more competition in the IT space than ever before, new players are entering the market and there is a constant threat of software-as-a-service providers who can diminish the value of MSP contracts.

Yet Gartner has estimated that the IT services market is worth a whopping $960 billion globally. These statistics suggest that there is more work out there for IT companies not less.

Here’s just some of the ways that we help MSPs grow their sales:

Less Noise, Less Cost – More Focus

Most IT business owners find themselves spending more time in the business than on the business. Whether it’s doing extra work to save hiring another technician, or stepping in to help with support when needed, it’s difficult to grow a business when you’re on the tools.

Benchmark 365 partners with MSPs and IT service providers to reduce labour costs and improve overall customer service.

IT business owners who partner with Benchmark 365 report that within 2 weeks they have more time to focus on product development, marketing and sales resulting in immediate business growth.

Better Customer Experiences
Although being technically strong is why most MSPs exist it’s undeniable that customers value incredible service even more than technical capability.

Benchmark 365 measures customer service on every single service ticket. Data shows that, as your helpdesk achieves outstanding customer service your sales opportunities increase. In fact companies who have a high CSAT rating (like our partners) find that their clients are agreeing to more projects, purchasing more hardware and open to new opportunities and ideas.

Think about it, rather than talking about IT support or last weeks support issue – you and your customers are now free to discuss business solutions and that shift in conversation results in more opportunities and more sales.

Sales Advice On Demand Any Time
Even the most successful athletes have a coach. They recognise that to be the best they need someone in their corner supporting them and helping them win.

Benchmark 365 was created by a successful MSP. The team are highly experienced in strategic pricing, inbound and outbound sales techniques and pitching new business.

Benchmark partners gain instant access not only to a team of IT specialists, but a leading sales team who have been winning at managed services for more than a decade.

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