Jun 2020
MSP IT Support Helpdesk Business Growth The Top 10 Issues that are keeping MSP’s up all night

At Benchmark 365, we continually ask ourselves – how can we best to help the MSP community?  So I took to Reddit earlier this month to ask “what would you like to learn from an experienced MSP?”.

The response was overwhelming and here’s what the Reddit community had to say…..

  1. How will MSPs make a living when clients move to SaaS (software as a service) and have fewer servers and applications to support?
  2. What should an MSP offering be – should it go beyond desktop and server support?
  3. How to become an MSP or is there an “MSP 101” course for beginners?
  4. What are some of the legal traps for MSPs and how do you protect yourself
  5. Are successful MSPs focused more on a particular vertical?
  6. What sort of consulting should an MSP owner do to grow revenue?
  7. How can we offer NOC when our MSP staff are 9-5?
  8. Is offshoring a viable way to save labour costs for MSPs?
  9. How do you transition from a technical MSP business owner to sales oriented owner?
  10. How do you differentiate from your MSP competition?

The full reddit commentary can be found here. There are some great insights from other MSPs around the world all at different stages. Feel free to join the conversation!

And of course, we’ll be covering as many of these topics as possible on the Benchmark 365 blog so stay tuned.

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